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Breakthrough in industrialization of electronic ceramic substrate technology

In the face of an attractive market, the state has handed over the responsibility for research and development to “Instar? Electronics”, hoping to achieve major technological breakthroughs and change
The industrialization of electronic ceramic substrate technology has been highlighted. High-end ceramic substrates are the carrier materials for ultra-small chip resistors. Chip resistors based on them are widely used in mobile communications, computers, household appliances and automotive electronics. . As long as the casing of electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, and digital devices is turned on, we can see that the small surface mount resistive components on the circuit board are made of the substrate. Due to its special technical requirements, coupled with large equipment investment and complicated manufacturing process, domestic advanced technology can not achieve large-scale industrial production of high-end ceramic substrates. Globally, only a few companies such as Japan’s Kyocera, Nico and Germany’s Saurertek have mastered core manufacturing technologies.
As the world's largest producer of ceramic substrates, Japan accounts for around 50% of the world's total. According to the national information industry development plan, China will become a major producer and exporter of electronic components in the world. The demand for chip resistor ceramic substrates is growing at a rate of more than 20% per year. As the international electronic information product manufacturing industry accelerates its transfer to China, downstream companies are bound to increase the proportion of localized procurement due to related procurement and transportation costs. In the face of an attractive market, the state has handed over the responsibility for research and development to “Instar? Electronics”, hoping to achieve major technological breakthroughs and change the long-term dependence on imports of chip resistor ceramic substrates.
The technicians encountered some headaches in the research: First, there is no ready-made process reference. Even in Japan, the manufacturing processes of the various manufacturers are completely different. Second, all the tests are all special equipment, you must think for yourself. Approach to establish the original experimental model. As a provincial-level high-tech enterprise, “Innovel Electronics” relies on its own provincial-level electronic ceramic material technology research and development center, as well as with Zhejiang University, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Electronic Materials Research and Development Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry. Cooperate, boldly innovate, and develop new production processes on its own, so that all performance indicators including thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and toughness are comprehensively improved, and have the advantage of low cost. The scientific and technological personnel also made improvements and innovations in the traditional punching and indentation process, and designed a monolithic combined die cutter with high processing precision, which made the original three production processes become one-time completion, which can fully satisfy the large-scale production pair. Product manufacturing speed, manufacturing quality, etc. After arduous research, the final 064, 041 two types of chip resistor components dedicated alumina ceramic substrate placed in front of the identification experts. Experts from the domestic electronics industry gave high praise: the production technology is leading domestically, reaching the international advanced level, and it can completely replace imports. Many of the performance indicators exceed the level of Japan. These two represent the highest level of domestic ceramic substrates, and have successively won the title of “National Key New Product”. Because the ceramic substrates of "Instar" have a strong competitive advantage, some customers who originally purchased from Japanese companies have also turned to "Instar" to place orders. broken